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As we’ve mentioned before, being a family owned and operated business we strive to stay active in the community.  We offer support in many directions:  league sports to high school teams, various art/dance programs, boy scouts and more.

Dixie Youth baseball does hold a special place in our hearts.  Several members of the team are actively involved through our children and helping out where we can.  The fun is continuing in Mississippi with our 7/8 Dixie Youth Allstars.  Win or loose, I think it is safe to say the entire community has cheered these boys on and we couldn’t be prouder of how they’ve represented us all. This is the Sweetwater team’s first time to the World Series.  Not only did these boys make it to this level, but they’ve won 2 of their 4 games.   Following last nights win against Arkansas, the Sweetwater boys are one of the final 6 teams!!!

The next game is today (7-31-17) at 4:00 Eastern time and we’ll be tuning in to JockJive to watch the game LIVE.  Take a moment to do the same and send in a “shout out” showing your support.  This is a time these kids and their families will never forget.  Thanks to JockJive’s live coverage we are able to share in the fun and have some memories of our own.  The Arkansas feed was especially fun to be a part of…. Tennessee dominated the “shout outs!”  Check out Rocky Top Tennessee Proud of the sidelines singing and enjoy the links to games already played below.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for an updated link to the next game.



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