Munters CCX 2.5

Munters CCX 2.5The CCX 2.5 Patio Cooler was developed to cool various areas such as:  patios, sun rooms, screened in porches, garages, offices, restaurants, and smaller work areas.  The unit has a stylish design with an LCD display and comes with modern features and different running programs.  The design features wheels and an integrated water tank to make the unit very easy to move around in your space.  The front outlet motor controlled diffusers make it easy to control air flow and operate.  The exclusive centrifugal fan design also minimizes the noise.  These features make the environment cooler without reducing your enjoyment by dealing with a lot of noise.

CCX 2 Mobile Cooler Pamphlet Pg. 1 CCX 2 Mobile Cooler Pamhlet Pg 2