Willow Balm – Nature’s Asprin

We’re all out there looking for more natural solutions for what ales us.  Do you suffer from aches and pains, firbromyalgia, arthritis?  I always seem to carry a little extra tension in my shoulders.   A natural solution for this we’ve found (love it!) is Willow Balm and it’s made in America.  It’s not a miracle cure all to everything, but it’s now a staple in my cabinet and my purse.

Willow BalmWillow Balm is “Nature’s Aspirin,” just massage it into achy joints and muscles, and you’ll love the soothing way it will ease your discomfort. It doesn’t produce a shocking cold or hot sensation on your skin, like other cremes and gels. The natural ingredients penetrate and begin to soothe pain gradually, giving you long-lasting relief, so you can get back to what’s really important.

Why Use Willow Balm?

White Willow Bark is known as Nature’s Aspirin. It was used for thousands of years as a treatment for pain relief and inflammation before it was isolated as the source of modern-day aspirin. Willow Balm Topical Painkiller offers a perfect mixture of White Willow Bark extract together with 100% Pure Essential Oil analgesics such as lavender, geranium, and helichrysum in a soothing jojoba base. Try it and experience Willow Balm’s “Thermal Progression Effect.”

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