Munters Indoor/Outdoor Mobile Cooling Units

Munster Mobile CoolersWhat is a Munters Mobile Cooler? It is an environmentally easy way to cool an area with low installation, running and maintenance cost.  Operating Costs have been reported of .03 cents per hour.  The units provide a cooler environment to work or relax in with low noise levels.  These units work through the technology based on the natural principle of using water to regulate the temperature and refresh the air.  It creates a comfortable indoor climate with the optimal combination of temperature and humidity without the use of chemicals.  We currently stock the CCX 2.5 Patio Cooler and the FCA 5-20 Mobile/Stationary Cooler.

The CCX 2.5 Patio Cooler was developed to cool various areas such as:  patios, sun rooms, screened in porches, garages, offices, restaurants, and smaller work areas.  The unit has a stylish design with an LCD display and comes with modern features and different running programs.  The design features wheels and an integrated water tank to make the unit very easy to move around in your space.  The front outlet motor controlled diffusers make it easy to control air flow and operate.  The exclusive centrifugal fan design also minimizes the noise.  These features make the environment cooler without reducing your enjoyment by dealing with a lot of noise.

The FCA 5-20 is designed to assist in climate control in a small to large facility and serve multiple uses.  You can circulate, refresh and cool the air in a room by placing it on a stand with wheels, a wall mount, or you can mount it in a window or other ventilation opening.  The evaporative cooling design also makes it possible to use the units in a semi closed or open environment with optimal cooling effect.   The unit is operated by a hand held remote and can be connected to an external water source for extended run-time and convenience.  We have purchased one of these for store use to keep things cooler from now through the summer.

We are all excited to see summer just around the corner, but wouldn’t it be nice to keep your patio a bit cooler to enjoy all summer long.  Come in and see one of our sales team members about one today!

Munters Mobile Cooler Maintenance and Cleaning

CCX 2.5 FCA 5-20

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  1. Rachel June 22, 2017 at 3:31 am #

    Would like to know the price and if there available

    • admin July 26, 2017 at 6:20 pm #

      Thank you for your inquiry! Call the team at Valley Building Supply 423-337-3499 for current pricing.