Mor-Flexx by Sashco INSTOCK!

Now available at Valley Building Supply:  Mor-Flexx by Sashco is a textured flexible caulk.  Cracks in your stucco or mortar coming loose around your bricks?  We stock Mor-Flexx in both beige and gray.  The color and textured to match mortar, stucco, and concrete.  It can be used in gaps up to 3″ wide, but the surface should be more than 6 months old and fully cured.  The has a powerful adhesive powers while stretching and staying flexible.  It’s also paintable, easily cleaned up with water and stable to the freeze/thaw cycle. 

Suggested conditions for optimal use is to apply on a dry surface between 40°F and 120°F.  If utilized in wet conditions and/or outside this temperature range the caulk will not adhere properly.  Check out the forecast before using Mor-Flexx because it needs 1 to 3 days curing before exposed to rainfall.  If the weatherman was wrong and it rains earlier than forcasted,…use plastic sheeting and leave good airflow under it to protect the product from the rain.  Higher humidity and the lower the temperature will slow cure time.

Sashco believes in their product and offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  See the How to Video by Sashco below:

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