Mop until you Drop with WPC Flooring

One of the newer flooring styles on the market that is making a big impact….WPC Interlocking Vinyl Plank Flooring and the similar Rigid Core Flooring.  These options provide a durable waterproof flooring to be utilized in a variety of places throughout your home.  We stock flooring with various commercial and residential warranties at excellent prices.  Beyond the wide variety of styles we stock there are even more styles and colors available to special order.

When choosing this flooring option as a Parent….kids are going to spill things and puppies will have accidents. The good news:  You can mop it all up with no worry of damage.   Tile can be rough for slips and falls.  WPC /Rigid Core Flooring can be more resilient and more comfortable to stand on.  There’s no glue used and the interlocking system makes it easy enough for a weekend warrior install

Typical areas you may be thinking of utilizing WPC flooring are bathrooms, laundry rooms, or kitchens.  How about the basement that is prone to periodic flooding.  This would be a great application of the WPC or Rigid Core Flooring options.  With a variety of wood and tile styles available, you could easily lay it in every area of your home to achieve a beautiful look with easy maintenance and durability at a great low price.  Padding is also available to give it an even better feel to walk on.

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