Landscaping with Purpose

Beware Landscaping without a plan…  In order to end up with the yard of your dreams, it’s important to evaluate what your true goal is.  We may wish we had a magic wand or the ability to snap our fingers and suddenly it’s all completed to perfection, but unfortunately it’s not our reality.  There is blood, sweat, tears, and money that go into the beautiful yards we dream of.

To successfully make this dream a reality it’s important to plan various stages of your project while keeping the goal in mind.  One month may be focused on a raised flower bed or garden and the next creating an oasis around those three trees in the back yard….create a triangle of railroad ties, landscaping cloth, mulch and a large variety of flower bulbs to bloom throughout the seasons…ad a retaining wall with stairs to the side of the driveway… another oasis of mulch and bulbs around the out cropping of rocks….wait… I digress, this is my plan….

We are happy to help make your dreams a reality.  Find an assortment of bagged mulch and stone, but before you lay it down use landscaping cloth to keep the weeds down.  Don’t worry, we carry it also.   Trim out your landscaping project with a selection of borders including: Easy Flex, Colmet Steel Border, PT Landscape Timbers, Railroad Ties, Landscaping Stones and more!

Straw is also available!

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