Hometown Pride in 5/6 Dixie Youth World Series Champs

We would like to take a moment to congratulate the Sweetwater Dixie Youth program for a successful year this past season.  For some the season wrapped up in the beginning of the summer while others finally completed their season this past weekend.  I believe each age group advanced to State Tournament Games and represented Sweetwater in a manner to be proud of.

A special “Shout Out” to the 5/6 Year Old Team….. Dixie Youth World Series Champs last night.  This team advanced through the district and state tournament undefeated and out scored their oponents by over 100 runs.  They exceeded expectations at the World Series with only one loss throughout the tournament and winning the remainder of the games with a considerable lead.  The final game came down to Alabama vs. Tennessee!  I’ll be honest….there is a special place in our heart for our very own Hudson Dacus!  (He is featured in various ads and social media promos) 

Family Values, Community Pride, and our kids keep us involved in a variety of directions:  league sports to high school teams, various art/dance programs, boy scouts and more… Dixie Youth Baseball is a popular one among our crew with many of our kids and team involved in playing, coaching and volunteering.  The community, as a whole, is very involved in the Sweetwater Dixie Your Program and countless volunteer hours are put into it each year.  (Sweetwater was also the host town for the 9/10 All-Star State Tournament)

Help us in welcoming back our 5/6 Dixie Your World Series Champs this week as they return from Mississippi.  Congratulations Boys!

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