Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold Pt. 2

Prepare for the FrostYour home is winterized so, now you’re ready, right?  Not quite.  Ensure you have some basic supplies to be prepared for those extra cold nights.  Ensure your heating unit is operating at an optimum efficiency by keeping your filters changed.  These should be changed once a month to ensure your heat pump isn’t working harder than it needs to because of something easily remedied and a full line is kept instock.

Beware the icy patches in your drive and walk way…  Be sure to have a snow shovel on hand and Ice Melt to keep your walkways clear and safe.  Take an extra precaution by checking hand rails and ensure they are secure enough for use.  You don’t want to go into the slippery time of year with shaky handrails.

If you park outside, be sure to build some extra time in your morning to warm your car and scrape your windows.  Scrape the entire window, not just a small section, to begin your day.  If you run short on time, you can also invest a jug of fluid with ice melt in it, We carry Prestone De-Icer.  Do not try using your window washing fluid without the ice melt type in the reservoir or you will end up with a bigger problem than you started with.  It will freeze.  Beware frozen door locks and keep a container of Lock De-Icer and Lubricant, which can assist you with thawing frozen locks and lubricates locks as well.

Remember when going out of town, no one wants to come home to an unplanned mess.  If temperatures are expected to be freezing, leave faucets dripping.  Also, ensure your thermostat is set to maintain 55 degrees or higher.

One more thing we’d like to mention….heat lamps.  Don’t forget your pets because they’ll be cold to.  Provide some heat relief for your outdoor animals with a heat lamp.  These can also be used to give problematic exposed pipes some extra heat to prevent freezing.

For further winterization tips call (423)337-3499 and speak to one of our team members today.


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