Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold Pt. 1

Frost King - Prepare for the ColdSummer is gone, Fall is in full swing and Winter is just around the corner…. Are you ready for the cold?  Now is the time to make preparations for a more energy efficient winter season.   We at Valley Building Supply would like to take a moment to provide some quick tips on winterizing your home.

First things for fall because leaves are starting to fall, check your gutters for clogs and apply a gutter guard if you don’t already have one in place.  Take a quick look at your roof to check for loose shingles or damage from storms earlier in the year.  Check your roof out for leaks by checking out the underside of it in the attic and since you are up there anyways notate if your insulation is holding up.  Is it still fluffy because the more it compacts, the less efficient it becomes. Now would also be a good time to get your chimney cleaned, if you have one.  For safety this should be done once a year without fail.

Check windows and doors for draftiness and apply additional weather stripping as needed.  If you have older windows that maintain a slight draftiness consider purchasing a window insulation kit to help keep things warm through the blustering days of winter.  Every little bit you do will help keep your family warm and toasty when things start freezing up. Visit and find a full line of Frost King Products available, including pipe wrap insulation, vinyl foam weather seal, storm window kits and more.  Also, if your home has a crawl space, be sure to close the vents.

Beware of un-insulated and exposed pipes.   These will be the first to freeze and no one wants to be without water wishing they’d used some basic insulation practices.  Before the first freeze, be sure to empty and unhook all water hoses from your outdoor faucets.  An extra inexpensive trick is to ad Styrofoam covers to each spigot and provide extra insulation.   Before putting water hoses away for the winter, ensure they are properly drained to avoid moisture freezing and damaging them before next Spring.

Follow these basic tips and you’ll be better off than you were.  Call and speak to one of our team members to advise you further.

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