In-Stock Cabinet Styles

A kitchen isn’t just an area to cook in anymore…It’s a place of gathering for family and friends.  It’s a place for the kids to do homework or draw a masterpiece while a meal is being prepared.  It’s a place where life takes a minute to slow down and provides an opportunity to enjoy each others company and talk about your day.

In order to keep life simple and achieve your Kitchen Vision quickly…The team at Valley Building Supply are pleased to offer the convenience of 4 cabinet styles instock for an easy grab-and-go kitchen.  Make your dreams a reality and get that new kitchen going.

Meet with a Team Member to Layout the Cabinets needed for your renovation project.  Grab an easy to use Knob/Pull Template and the appropriate Knobs and Pulls that suit your vision.  Purchase and get started immediately in your project.  Slab Counter tops are also available in four colors.


  • Unfinished Maple All Wood Maple Cabinet with a Recessed Flat Panel and Hidden Hinge.  Find materials and guidance for staining or ask a sales team member about painting options.  There are a lot of options in achieving different looks.


  • Salerno Style Cabinet with a Toffee Finish is lighter in color and the most cost efficient option of our instock finished cabinets.  These cabinets feature an all wood face frame, door front, drawer front and particle board sides.


  • Touraine Style Cabinets in a Cafe Finish is the mid-level priced option of our finished cabinets.  This style features an all wood face frame, door front, drawer front and particle board sides. 


  • Coronet Style Cabinets in a Mocha Finish is an All Wood Cabinet featuring a raised panel door.   This is our higher end instock cabinet option.


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