Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Cold weather is upon us and we’re all trying to stay warm and be prepared for the weather ahead.  There are a few things to keep in mind.  Have a snow shovel and Bag of Salt on hand to prevent sidewalk slips.  It’s not a bad idea to keep some extra water and non-perishable food on hand in case of power outages.

Double check doors and windows for gaps where warm air may be escaping.  Caulk and weatherstripping can be applied around the problem areas.  In extreme situations plastic can be added around the window to assist in keeping the cold out.  Open your curtains during the day to take advantage of the sunshine and close them at night against the cold.  

Be sure your filters are clean.  Clean filters help your heating unit operate more efficiently and will save money in the long run.  Decrease the temperature at night and/or when you’re not at home by a couple of degrees can make significant savings on your power bill.  Fire places should have been cleaned before the first fire of the season, but burning Creosote Control Firebricks can help slow additional buildup and extend the interval between cleanings.

Water hoses should be disconnected from the house at this point to prevent damage.  Ensure spigots are covered and insulated against the cold.  On Super Cold nights leave a trickle of water running to prevent frozen pipes.

Most important, though…. have plenty of Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows on hand with toasty blankets.  Snuggle up and stay warm!


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